Friday, 17 December 2010

Lochgilphead Map Drawing

I finally finished my latest map drawing I've been working on, it seemed to take forever at the time and now it's just become a record of that time. I took an OS map of Lochgilphead that I'd found in a charity shop and using the grid squares of the map I blocked out alternate contours within each square and then the opposite ones in the grid square next to the that. As well as completely blocking out all the green spaces. Why? The answer to that changes constantly, sometimes its a reaction to information overload and I need to gain a bit of control or freedom and I can achieve this through taking time over a map with a simple pen. Other times it's creating shapes from things that already exist, turning things around to a new perspective, a new lightness or darkness appears from something that wasn't there before. Then I like that sense of decision at the beginning where I decide what process to undertake at that point I am at my most decisive until I realise that it's impossible or not going to work out and then it changes and becomes permanently in a state of flux like me, like us, like the planet and the universe, it has always been like this and will always be like this, we're just along for the ride...

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