Monday, 5 July 2010

Song Illustration: Everyday by Vetiver

Number 3 in my Song Illustration series: Everday by Vetiver. Just a quick sketch this one, I like the face in the mirror, may have to expand that idea, can see it being a little book or zine somehow. Anyways heres the lyrics and images:
Ear, Mouth, Voice, Eye, Face in mirror: 'All I want to hear is your voice, have your face to see'
Postive/Negative & Crossed out Genie: 'I always seem to make something out of nothing,
but I can't make you appear'
Guitar: 'While I'm away just know I play this song for you, and wait, wait for me now'
2 people: 'Lying just next to me how happy we'd both be'
Plus an everyday calendar and some Vetiver grass.

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