Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Year of Open Doors

These are my ideas and changing concepts for the Year of Open Doors Book Cover Competition. I had a hard time with it as can be seen from the 9 different things I came up with but eventually it clicked into something I was happy with and I submitted the last image. Funny the process of it now looking back on it, what determined my decisions? what influenced the outcome? did I really have control over it? how do you know when its's finished?

Anywasy it was for a collection of short stories from Cargo Publishing by all sorts of Scottish writers from the well established to the unpublished. The brief was about wanting to show a new revolution in writing, showing the different international voices of modern Scotland. I took inspiration from Russian Revolution/Constructivist posters and the Scottish flag. I thought up an idea of different heads all coming from the same globe and under 3 helmets (with the Scottish flag on) which have an open door at the top bursting open with lightning strikes of ideas.

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