Thursday, 30 October 2014

Podcast Love

While waiting for the new episode of Serial to drop I thought I'd list a few of my fave podcasts I love to listen to:-

A new series podcast dealing with one story over the course of 12+ episodes. This 'season' on Serial is dealing with a high school murder case from 1999, is he guilty? is he innoncent? who knows? as the creators are making it while we speak!

Listen to:  The whole series - it's addictive!

This American Life                                            
There's so many amazing stories of different walks of life on 'This American Life' and all back episodes dating back to 1995 are online, hours of listening fun!

                         Adam and Joe               
For fun, giggles, song wars, made up jokes, waffles & boggins there's always Adam & Joe, even though there's no more new Adam & Joe (please come back!) you can still listen to old episodes, yay!
Listen to: Denny Different (with special guest the Queen & Royal Wedding Song Wars!)


New Yorker: Out Loud                                            
The New Yorker: Out Loud is great for small nuggets of cool stories, culture, news, art, music all taken from that weeks New Yorker magazine.

Listen to: Hector Tobar on the Chilean Mine Disaster

   Ask Me Another
Love quizzes, trivia, puzzles & puns? check out Ask Me Another, recorded live in front of a studio audience in Brooklyn & around the US, contestants take part in fun quizzes compered by the comedian Ophira Eisenberg, her musical sidekick Jonathan Coulton & puzzle guru Art Chung!

   Graham Norton
Love Graham's chat show? his podcast of his radio 2 show
has mostly lesser-known guests but the same fun-talk & and get some great advice from Grill Graham!

Listen to:  The latest few episodes...

NHS Couch to 5K                                                                                                        
I've always thought I could be good at running (yeah right!) I just have to get up from the couch. Well this NHS podcast 'Couch to 5K' might just help me do it, it tells you when to run, when to walk and builds up each week. {There's also an app so you can listen to your own music while running/walking!}

What are your fave podcasts?

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