Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Blue & pink hydrangeas looking fabulous

I'm finally on instagram, I love taking photos of whatever grabs my eye whether it's something that inspires me, pictures of my work for promotion, natural awesomeness or things that are just plain funny! & now I get to share them through instagram, which is already making me take better pictures! Here's a few of my favourite first few posts:-

Getting used to all this hot weather & making ice cream washi tape cards for my shop 

Wasps may be a bit scary but they're also amazingly clever they built this extension onto the shed in my garden!

Sewing bird beaks on a Sunday afternoon 

Skye Sea Map Painting

I'm also sharing my instagram photos on my twitter & I've started posting them on my old tumblr which I'm using again! Are you on instagram? My username is louisenormanstudio why not follow me for art, illustration, nature and little everyday adventures. Who's photos do you love to follow? 

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