Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dents du Midi Travel Poster

I love vintage old travel posters see a collection here. So I decided to do my own version for the Dents du Midi Mountain Range in Switzerland. We used to go nearly every summer & winter when I was younger and it's one of my favourite mountains. It comprises of 7 peaks and it's name literally means 'Teeth of the South' hence the 7 teeth logo in the top right-hand corner. On most summits in the alps there exists a cross and since the Swiss flag is also a cross this seemed to connect to my photo of the mountains. I hope to expand this into a series of mountains to visit, top of my list to see are: Mount Fuji, Mount Kilamanjaro, Mount Everest & Mount Etna. See some of these mountains on my Mountains Tea-Towel Design which I did for a competition. What are your favourite mountains?


  1. Wow that mountain sounds and looks amazing! You have had some serious adventures in your time haven't you! I hope that you manage to accomplish all of your planned mountain visits, and share pictures of them as you do.

  2. Thanks Kate! Hope I get to them too and if I do lots of photos will be taken & shared don't worry! really want to go to Japan so Mount Fuji next I think! :)