Thursday, 28 July 2011

Art Moves Billboard Festival 2011

Here's a few images I put together for the Art Moves Billboard Festival for this years open competition on the theme of 'Reality or Fiction: Let's pretend it's not there'

The top image reminds me of or was inspired by, (I'm not sure which way round it was) some lyrics in a Brett Dennen song 'Nothing lasts forever, not even the mountains, someday they will be swept away and swallowed by the sea, we all shall be blessedly released' and it's about that uncertainty that even mountains can be upside down. Then I thought about how people wear masks and want to hide their reality under a fiction. I like the last image of a persons face hidden by a dark cloud and how people can just wander through life without ever truly seeing what's right in front of them.

Anyways the choosen billboards will be on display in Torun, Poland this September/October.

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